What Our Clients Say About Fitworks Perfect Posture

“Working with Gary changed my career.  As a dancer, my body is the most important tool I have. Gary was able to individualize a program specifically to fit my needs and correct my alignment. Now that I have corrected my alignment and know more about my body, I am a better performer and teacher. The information Gary gave me has helped prevent injury, made my movement more functional, and has given me more confidence not only on the dance floor but in everyday life. Thanks Gary!” ★★★★★
“Gary I just wanted to thank you for working so hard and helping me and Dayton. I’m so excited to have the new knowledge of good posture and proper exercising and stretching. I know that my body is better aligned and I’m glad to be out of the forward head club and out of the hunchback club. I’m going to keep working hard. We are SO grateful!” ★★★★★
Emily P.

“I live in York City. I purchased the Fitworks program online and never even met with Gary. He personalized my exercise program for all my imbalances from the information I gave him. To date, I have completed 12 one-hour exercise sessions on my own. I do feel much better, 99% improvement with my
low back pain. My knocked knees are almost lined up. I need to work harder on my flexibility. I greatly appreciate the Fitworks Perfect Posture and Function program. I’ve set a goal to do 12 more one-hour sessions, then my posture will be perfect. I recommend Fitworks to every person who has any kind of pain and discomfort in their body.” ★★★★★

“When I walked into the Fitworks office door for the first time at age 70, I walked with a walker and I had so much pain in my body it was hard to do anything anymore. My wife was afraid she would have to put me in a care facility because it was too hard for her to care for my needs anymore. I was a very active hard-working man all my life on my farm, I felt trapped in this stiff, painful body. Then I met Gary. He said jokingly, “Wow, Don! Rigor Mortis has set in!” I had a lot of imbalances; hunch back, forward head was 50 degrees forward, flat low back, right SI Joint was out all the time, my feet went outward, dropped shoulder and hip, and my spine was pulled to the left. I was a mess. We had a lot of work to do. After 24 one-hour sessions I was perfectly lined up and 2 inches taller. My flexibility greatly improved, too. I’m still working on that every day; it’s become a daily thing to stretch. And that walker? I didn’t need it after the second visit with Gary. I would recommend the Fitworks program to everyone.” ★★★★★

“I am a 27-year-old Registered Nurse. My Doctor diagnosed me with scoliosis, a C shaped spine. I have had this since middle school; all this time I have a lot of back pain. My posture was not great- I slouched quite a bit. My head was forward, hunch back (known as Kyphosis), swayback (lordosis). I even had plantar fasciitis, a fallen arch. I started working with Gary and within weeks I was developing and strengthening muscles to straighten out my spine. The exercises felt good, like I was being unwound. I don’t have any back pain anymore. My spine is straight, my head is lined up, upper and lower bank is perfect, I am standing up straight, and I have no pain on the bottom of my feet! My body changed just like Gary said it would. I have perfect posture; I’m pain free and I look thinner. I am so grateful I was able to work with Gary. I would recommend the Fitworks program to anyone.” ★★★★★


“I was seeking someone who really understood what they were doing when it came to exercise. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I talk to a lot of people and they kept mentioning Gary at Fitworks, so I made an appointment with Gary. We talked for an hour and I was certain that this was the guy that could help me
with safe exercises for my disease. He developed all the right muscle to make my spine straight, lined up my head, shoulders and hips, even my feet. I really feel good and I am grateful for that. But the big thing that changed my life is that Gary taught me how to exercise without loading my spine or any joint in my body. Now I am really in to exercising because it doesn’t hurt anymore- it feels good! You won’t believe this, but I work out every day for 2 hours, I love it. Everyone one needs this program.” ★★★★★

“The doc said I had scoliosis. My wife and I prayed about this, what to do and the next day we met Gary at our church. He said to me, “Cliff I want to see you at my office for a posture evaluation this week.” I said, “OK”. At 85 years old I walked into Fitworks depending on the use of a cane, hunched way over with a flat low back, my spine was pulled to the left, the muscle on the left side of my back was huge, I would say 3 inches thick x 3 inches wide and no muscle on the right side of my back. Gary said it was no problem, all we need to do is build some muscle and stretch muscle. Well after 24 sessions with Gary one time a week and 24 sessions at home. I’m proud to say my spine is perfectly straight, I went back to the doc for a follow up visit, he said my spine was perfectly straight, he was surprised about that. I am standing up straight my shoulders and hips are lined up I am looking good! Now, I’m not perfect…my head still needs to come back about 3 inches (5 degrees), it was 45 degrees forward, I need to work on my flexibility and thanks to Gary I have the book and tools and I know what to do to finish up my posture. I see Gary every Sunday and he is keeping an eye on me.” ★★★★★

“The girl that cuts my wife’s hair had Gary’s cards on her table. My wife and I drove 2 hours to meet with Gary. His program made sense, so I met with him every week for 24 weeks. I had a forward head, hunch back, flat low back, dropped right hip, bowed legs, and my spine was way out of line…it was even con-
vexed at T11-L2. Today my posture is perfect. I play golf almost every day and get this- at 84 years old my handicap has dropped by 6 and I am hitting the golf ball 38 yards farther! Gary said he would drop my handicap by two and I would hit the ball 25 yards farther. My results were amazing! Gary would always tell me that age doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t. Thanks Gary, for changing my life.” ★★★★★

“My inside thigh muscle was so painful it hurt to walk. I had been to Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Surgeon’s, Medical Doctors, no one had an answer for me. Finally, a General Practitioner recommended Gary at Fitworks. She told she had been a client of his years ago she said he would figure it out, “Just go see him- he knows anatomy like no one I have ever met.” Well, I met with Gary and after 24 hours of exercise and stretching; problem solved! Wow, amazing! Thanks for putting me back together and thanks for all the extra time you spent teaching me and being so patient with me. Gary I will tell everyone about you.” ★★★★★
“I am on my computer all day long. My back and neck hurt so bad I had to lay on my back to work on my computer all day. My wife heard about Fitworks and how they correct your posture so, she started meeting with Gary and she had such great results. I wanted to meet him for a posture evaluation, too.

Gary explained to me in detail why I was feeling the way I did. He said he could correct my posture and take all my pains away, and I would start doing things I hadn’t done in years. I started to meet with him, and he made exercising fun and educational. For the first time in my life I got excited about exercise. I had a forward head, hunch back, curvature, “S” in my spine, flat low back and bowed legs. I did not think those things could be corrected. I thought I was born that way and it was something I needed to accept. Let’s get to the point- in 4 sessions my low back pain was gone, I started doing things around the house; mowing the lawn working in the yard, washing the cars, I was coming alive. I started sitting in a chair at the office working on my computer and to top it all I was looking good! People started saying things about my physical appearance. I had never been noticed before; I like this new life- it feels good! After Gary made my posture perfect and all my pain was gone, I kept up with the exercises at home so, I’m now working out with all my kids and my wife now we have become a fitness family! Who would ever believe that? Well, you should see us, we are fit, and our posture is perfect. Thanks Gary, I will never forget you.” ★★★★★

“I’m 27 years old and I have a forward head, hunch back, knocked knees, my feet go outward, and I have an S curve in my spine. My body fat is 8%. I am fit. I play a lot of sports, but my posture sucks. I heard about Fitworks, met with Gary, and I purchased his program where you work out on your own at home. I never did any training sessions with Gary. He personalized an exercise program just for me. So, on my own I made my posture perfect. My sports performance has changed immensely. Thanks Gary, for helping me take my fitness to the next level.” ★★★★★
Matt S.


Fitworks Perfect Posture® changed the lives of these people.