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“Gary, you could solve 95% of my patient’s problems. I wish we had met 30 years ago.” ★★★★★
Doctor S. Hansen, Sports Medicine Doctor

“The Fitworks website said it all. I knew Gary could solve my hip pain when he talked about not loading a joint that was not lined up and stable. As a Chiropractor, Chinese medicine doctor and a practitioner in Emotional Release, I could not correct my own hip pain. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, as I am in top physical shape. Then I met Gary and everything he said in his evaluation made total sense. He discovered my SI Joints we unstable; moving while walking or riding my bike. The muscles were contracting, working so hard, they became stiff and sore, pushing on nerves. In 6 weeks my hip problem was gone. I was back racing bikes again. Thanks Gary.” ★★★★★

Doctor E. Brady,

“I heard about Gary at the IHC office where I was working. The Nurses and other doctors were talking about the great work Gary was doing at Fitworks. One nurse had numbness in her right hand; she was considering surgery. Gary lined up her head and shoulders in perfect position and the pain was completely gone. Two other nurses had major hip pain. Gary stabilized their SI Joints, lined up their knees and feet and the hip pain went away. All of us were in an office meeting talking about some of the patients, when someone suggested we should send them to Fitworks to correct the problem. We all laughed. I had to see him, to correct my knocked knees, Kyphosis and sway back. My knees, lumbar and thoracic were so sore every day and I’m only 34 years old plus I didn’t want to see my awful posture in wedding pictures for the rest of my life! Thank you, Gary!” ★★★★★

Doctor J. Gilbert

“I went to Gary because of the amazing changes he made with my wife Ginger. At 63 years of age, Gary made her posture and flexibility perfect (and with great nutritional recommendations) she now looks 33 years old, she really does! How long did it take to make her perfect you ask? About 22 months. Any time she stands with our four daughters, many people cannot tell which one is my wife. I myself had a major knee injury, after surgery and physical therapy I could only get 90 degree knee flexion at both knees, so I called Gary and in only 20 sessions I now enjoy full range of motion at both of my knee joints.” ★★★★★

Doctor D. Miller, Dentist

“I just graduated from medical school. I saw the Fitworks website and was amazed and very curious about what Gary was doing. I have had a Forward Head, Kyphosis, and Swayback all of my life and it’s been a problem in sports and in my appearance; in fact no one would date me. 12 sessions with Gary changed my life! My posture is perfect. My last session I told Gary that ‘everyone should see you first and if you can’t fix it THEN they should see a Doctor’. 2 months later I called Gary to tell him the great news that I was getting married.” ★★★★★

Doctor R. Miller
“Fitworks is the only program out there that works. After having 3 children of my own, my body was really messed up. I didn’t think I could ever be
‘me’ again! Everything was in the wrong place; you name it I had it. I purchased Gary’s programs and worked out at home (between family and working as a pediatrician I had no time to meet with Gary). After my first evaluation he gave me a personalized book and the tools I needed. Then,
he taught me what to do at home. The Fitworks program put me back together again and I found ‘me’ again! Thank you, Gary.” ★★★★★
Doctor M. Packer

As a Functional medicine doctor, let me just say that everyone should come into Fitworks for a posture evaluation and start correcting their posture. It feel fantastic! ★★★★★

Doctor Turner

“I am very impressed with Gary’s knowledge of the anatomy and his approach in building and stretching muscles to line up all the joints for perfect posture. Thank you, Gary for correcting my Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Upper-cross Syndrome, Knocked knees, Sway-Back, Sacrum, Posterior Tilt and stabilizing and lining up my Sacroiliac Joints.” ★★★★★

Doctor Parker
“I heard about Fitworks and what Gary was doing. He corrected my Kyphosis, Swayback Scoliosis and knocked knees. In 12 hours of exercise and stretching, my pain and discomfort are gone. Now at age 60 years old, I can honestly say I feel 10 years younger.”
Doctor Soulier, Podiatrist
“I had scoliosis, hip pain and, sciatica pain that I could no longer stand. Gary straightened my spine, stabilized my S.I.J. and my sciatica pain is gone. Thank goodness I found Fitworks!” ★★★★★
Doctor Krishna

“I contacted Gary in year 2000 and was so impressed with his work and the changes he has made with my health that I sent some of my patients to see him. These patients were tough cases. I tried everything and I could not help them and didn’t know what to do for them. Gary corrected their posture. It made some improvements that helped.”

Doctor S. Sanu, Neurologist